None of us are immune to mental health issues any more than those that are physical, though our society often views them as different things.  It’s as though mental health is a choice and physical health is not.  We wouldn’t think twice about seeing a doctor for a broken bone or an infection so why do we hesitate when our mind feels broken or infected?  Why does the flipside of our health insurance card offer a separate phone number for mental health?  Why is it so easy to obtain addictive narcotics from healthcare providers yet so hard to obtain help for addiction?  I intend to create a solo exhibition that intimately narrates mental health struggles and promotes awareness, discussion, compassion, empathy, and ultimately change.


Rather than focus on individual pathologies I am collaborating with friends, relatives, and even complete strangers to visually narrate their visceral experiences with mental health.  I hope that the paintings are relatable to people who suffer from all types of mental illness as well as the people who love and support them.  


The Grip Series will be approximately fifteen portraits and possible audio clips and photography that will be curated together with an interactive social media aspect and crowd funded charities.