If I Had My Way...

Rather than a typical presentation of paintings for sale I would like to take the series to any community that would benefit from engaging with them.  I would like to see people engage with this series in a way that leaves them feeling empowered and willing to take some responsibility for changing the way we discuss and treat mental illness.   

 Exhibition Sponsors 

You may sponsor this series and any future work by becoming a regular supporter through Patreon. Direct donations made through my store or one time donations on Patreon will pay for the expenses of hosting the exhibition in cities that I already feel connected to:  Houston, Salt Lake City, and Louisville.  If a Sponsor in those cities is able to cover the entire cost of the show then my available funds will be moved to the next city on the list.  I would certainly love to go to any community that requests me!    


I want those attending the exhibition to feel like they are connecting with others who feel the same way they do, and then leave feeling empowered and able to facilitate change.  Even if you are unable to donate you can add to the conversation on Twitter with the following hashtags: 

Entities Whom I Support

I'm hoping to generate funds to host the exhibition as well to support two entities that I think are doing great work:  NAMI Utah and SafeUT.