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Rather than a typical presentation of paintings for sale I would like to create a disruptive model for engaging the public while presenting the work and paying forward any funds generated to entities aiming to revolutionize the mental health field.


I am raising money through Patreon and direct donations to personally host the exhibition in cities that I already feel connected to: Las Vegas, Houston, Salt Lake City, and Louisville.  If a Sponsor in those cities is able to cover the entire cost of the show then my available funds will be moved to the next city on the list.  


I want those attending the exhibition to feel like they are connecting with others who feel the same way they do, and then leave feeling empowered and able to facilitate change.  To accomplish this there will be ways to participate in conversation with those currently viewing the works as well as anyone viewing the exhibition online through Instagram, Facebook, etc.


There will be a pre-arranged charity or institution chosen by the Sponsor who will receive contributions generated by the exhibition.  Examples of such recipients could be crisis centers, suicide prevention centers, campaigns for legalizing and improving medicinal marijuana, etc.  I want to pay it forward.  It is my hope that my artistic efforts and the reception of the work by our communities can begin to change the way we speak about and treat our mental health.    

Make A One-Time Donation using Stripe