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Cara Jean spent over a year finding, collaborating and interviewing the individuals represented in these paintings.  Her search for meaningful and genuine representation of these people and their experience with mental health conditions is an important link in moving away from the stigma around talking about mental health and toward compassionate conversation. These portraits are a way to help communities, students, and individuals engage in talking about mental health conditions that often significantly shape the lives of those living with them and the people that support them.

 Her commitment to honing her skills and talents, her motivation to work toward a goal, and her conscientious drive to dig deeper for authenticity in her life and work set her apart.  Her resiliency in advancing her audience and expanding her base of experience is truly inspiring.

-Jen Stewart

Cara Jean spent her childhood in Kentucky and southern Indiana.  She received her BA from the University of Houston and now spends her adulthood raising four kids in Salt Lake City, UT.