Come Together

These were made for Art Acess’s 300 plates event where they sold that night. I had the idea for the peace sign plate clearly defined but it took a conversation with a friend of mine who lived in Hawaii for a while to come up with the inspiration for its partner. Look up the story of the Hawaiian “shaka”. It’s delightful.

Hard Work and Perseverance

A great symbiotic relationship if you ask me! I did this blueprint for myself on paper. Apx. 24 x 30. Prints available upon request…original for sale at $300.

Stout Heart, Blueprint Painting, 8’ x 8’

 My father was the most courageous person that I know. He had an appetite for adventure and zero sensitivity to embarrassment, which is an opportune combination. He designed and built his own boats and kayaks which were ugly as sin but successful vehicles for adventuring and making memories. He has been an inspiration for my own creative endeavors and has pulled me through periods when I'm stuck in the bogs of insecurity. "Stout Heart" is part of a series of mixed media paintings that represent blueprints for envisioning a better future for ourselves and/or our communities.

Clean Energy, Blueprint Painting, 24 x 30

When I was in college I took a class called “Pursuing Utopia”.  Throughout the semester we studied artists who were creating works that aimed to encourage people to envision a better future.  This idea of “envisioning” was fascinating to me as its goal was to offer ideas of what could be, rather than threaten with impending doom.  The emPOWERment theme is an envisioning theme- one that encourages hope and action. This “Blueprint for the Future” abstractly and whimsically presents choices that we can make to build a future that will save our climate and our environment.

The original art was sold to the city of Park City, UT and will be vinyl wrapped on a utility box in their city.