Another Blueprint

I have been wanting to make this image for a while and finally decided to just do it for myself. Turtles make me very happy. Someday, when I’m an old lady, I want an actual turtle farm in my backyard. It might be easy to misunderstand this image and think that the bee is controlling the tortoise. But have you met a tortoise? They don’t exactly get told what to do. They are, in fact, working together, as the title suggests.

Harrington Center, American Fork, UT

I was asked to participate in the first round of mini mural installations at the Harrington Center for the Arts in American Fork. This 8’ x 8’ mural on board is installed in the exterior lawn and will be for six months after which it will be auctioned.

Upcoming Show

If you didn't have a chance to see my premiere show at Art Access here's another chance to see it!

August 16-September 26

George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Gallery , Center for Arts & Media. South City Campus 1575 S State Street Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Click HERE for more information, including gallery hours. 

CJ Means Eccles Poster, small.jpg

Many Thanks and Hope for the Future

Gallery Spectators.jpg

I have a happy heart thinking about all of you who shared posts about my show and all of the hard work from the people over at Art Access.  My first show as a professional artist was a delight!  I'm told that 250 people attended.

I also would like to thank the good people at KRCL channel 90.9 who interviewed me in an episode of RadioActive which you can listen to here and Aley Davis for writing a piece about my husband and I in our local news which you can read and watch here.  Not only have I started the ball rolling for the journey of the GRIP series, but I have met a lot of really cool people in the process! 

What's Next?

I am hoping to take the paintings on tour to communities that could benefit from seeing them.  I am working with artist Fiona Phillips to combine her portrait paintings on the topic of Stigma with mine as a group collective.  Our works are very complimentary.  Here are a few ways you can support us in this goal:

1.  Pledge a MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION on Patreon

2.  PURCHASE Mini Print sets or make a ONE TIME DONATION in my store.

3.  If you are part of a foundation, or a group of interested people, and have access to appropriate gallery-like venues, consider HOSTING a show yourself.  Contact me and we can see what we can cook up!

4.  Most important (and it's free) is to SHARE SHARE SHARE!  Speak up about your own experiences with mental health by answering the question associated with your favorite painting somewhere public. It's amazing how one shared link on Facebook can turn into two more, and then two more....

          Twitter #gripseriespaintings Instagram and Facebook @carajeanmeans

It has been my goal all along to promote conversation, advocacy, and accountability.  Now that you've been affected by this work,

                   What will you do about it?

Premiere Exhibition at Art Access in Salt Lake City

Grip Postcard.jpg

Art Access is a non-profit gallery here in Salt Lake City that "offer[s] a diverse collection of mission-driven programs, including gallery exhibitions, workshops, artist residencies, literary arts activities, a mentorship program, and community outreach. Many of these programs have benefited from partnerships with local educational, artistic, and public service organizations."

I am thrilled to be premiering the Grip series for three weeks beginning April 20.  Come see these paintings in person!  

Their hours are: Tuesday - Friday 11 am - 4 pm
Closed Saturday - Monday